Unmatched experience
The RC is a historical restaurant of a city and an era, preserving its decoration and architecture at the time of its foundation in 1894, it is also classified as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.
It offers an unparalleled and striking experience with traditional Portuguese cuisine in perfect balance with the highest standards of quality and innovation in modern cuisine.


The history of the RC, formerly Restaurante Commercial, began in Ribeira do Porto, the heart of the city, where merchants connected to the port wine trade abounded in its streets.
It was precisely in the Forrester building, the residence of the famous Baron Forrester, who was responsible for promoting the port wine trade all over the world, that contrasting, sophisticated and well-known restaurant was established, so that lovers of fine dining could refresh themselves with sumptuous meals and the finest wines.
Founded in 1894 by the chef of Spanish origin, Manuel Recarey Antelo, it would come to be considered the most emblematic restaurant in the city and a place of encounter and conviviality of prominent figures of social, political and cultural life.

PreservingArt Nouveau

Architecture & Decoration
Since its foundation, RC restaurant remains faithful in the architecture of the facade and the interior design, inspired by the avant-garde movement of the time, the Art Nouveau and its trends.
Art Noveau was a European style in vogue between 1890 and 1920, in the period known as Belle Époque, it was an artistic movement related to a lifestyle, inspired mainly by natural forms and structures, having acquired new elements and evolutions with its dissemination and application in different European countries, acquiring more geometric lines.
RC is one of the most famous and preserved examples of Art Noveau in Portugal.